Original Defense Self Defense Siren

Original Defense Self Defense Siren
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  • ALERT! DON’T BUY FROM UNAUTHORIZED SELLERS & COPYCATS THAT SELL CHEAPER! Max Media Ventures, LLC IS THE ONLY AUTHORIZED SELLER OF THIS AUTHENTIC PRODUCT (Original Defense Self Defense Siren). THE ONE TOUCH SAFETY DEVICE – The perfect defense mechanism to prevent kidnappings and abductions of young children and teenagers.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE – Get the help you need quickly. Commonly used by seniors to call for help in case of falling, feeling unsafe, physically threatened, medical emergencies, accidents, or allergic reactions. Great gift for parents, college students and everyone that works evenings. Wonderful defense siren keychain for everyone. No Monthly Subscriptions (FREE)!
  • MOST EFFECTIVE DEFENSE – Requires no training or skill to operate. Equipped With high-intensity LED Lights. Extremely Loud (Reach Up To 1000ft Away). Military-Grade Durability (Weatherproof). 365-day Battery Life.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE – Easily attaches to keys, purses, backpacks or belts. 24/7 Emergency Alarm, Just in Case. Small and Discreet. Water-Resistant. #1 Brand trusted by the police.
  • Emergencies Can Happen At Any Moment. Unfortunately, many victims are too traumatized from the shock of an attack and are too scared to ask for help. Protect yourself in a moment of need with Self Defense Siren.
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