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Ozone Frenzy V10 Snow Kite

Ozone Frenzy V10 Snow Kite
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The Ozone Frenzy V10 is an excellent all around snowkite that can handle everything from freeride to freestyle with plenty of power to spare. The Ozone Frenzy also comes with Ozone’s new Re-Ride safety system which makes for easy landing and flagging out the kite. Compared to the Ozone Summit, the Frenzy sits a little further back in the wind window, delivering a more grunty, powered feel with slightly slower turning speeds.

Tech Specs:
Do-it-all powerhouse de-powerable foil.
Latest foil kite and paraglider design technology.
Freestyle, freeride, and backcountry machine.
Industry Leading Re-Ride Release System – looses all power in the kite and ready to ride after activating again.
Reflex profile enhances stability when depowered.
Optimized strap positions distribute load more evenly throughout the sail.
Open cells allow for easier inflation and deflation when packing.

Light weight plastic battens in leading edge for extra stability and cleaner leading edge.
Velcro openings in the tip to remove debris and snow.
Double pulley speed-system with high spec Ronstan Orbit ball bearing pulleys.
Velcro openings in the tip to remove debris and snow.
Heavy duty, technical mountain backpack with clip-to harness connection. Has enough volume to fit 2 kites and day supplies.
Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials.
Contact Snow Control System with 500kg front/300kg back lines, and Brake Stall handle to land and re-launch the kite with ease.

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