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Pawscout Pet Tracker

Pawscout Pet Tracker
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Black & Silver Pawscout Digital Tag & Pet Finder for Dogs and Cats – Pawscout Pet Finder is the next-generation digital pet tag and tracker with social GPS. Our technology combines a free mobile app and a worldwide community of animal lovers to keep pets safe. The Pawscout Pet Finder attaches to any pet collar and uses radar-style honing to locate your pet within a 200-foot radius of any phone or tablet with the Pawscout App.

A map shows your pet’s location in real time, and you can put your pet on a virtual leash and receive alerts if he strays. Invite friends, family, neighbors, dog walkers and pet sitters to install the free app to help protect your pet. You will be able to see your pet in relation to anyone with the Pawscout App in real time. If the worst ever happens and your pet goes missing, send out a digital “lost dog” flyer to all the animal lovers in your area and have the community searching for your pet the moment you notice he’s on the loose. Why do you need Pawscout?

Microchip information goes out of date, and reading a microchip requires a trip to the vet. GPS trackers cost $100 out of the box, tack on $10 monthly fees and need to be charged every few days in order to work. But Pawscout offers a lifetime of protection for a one-time fee, and the Pawscout battery lasts a year or more. Pawscout Pet Finder is waterproof, lightweight, compact and designed for dogs and cats. And it was developed in partnership with the SFSPCA to introduce a community-supported way to find lost pets and reunite them with their families. Never lose your best friend.

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