PDFs of vintage 50s pattern drafting system instant download

PDFs of vintage 50s pattern drafting system  instant download
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This wonderful pattern drafting system dates from Winter 1957. Over 100 different outfits for you to admire?. and for you to draft as patterns to sew at home! The illustrated models include the latest dresses, beautiful bridalwear, blouses, suave suits, skirts, and captivating coats! Accompanying the illustrations are instructions and schematic diagrams that let you draft these designs to your own measurements. Originally, all this was in Italian (with some French). i have translated (and expanded) the instructions and text into English. The actual few words on the schematic diagrams are still in Italian, eg. “waistline”, “center front”, etc. i have compiled a key with the translation of every phrase and word you will come across in these actual drawings. In your instant download, you will receive five files: — 1) the actual illustrated booklet of all the models, in good quality for your reading convenience. 21 pages, some in colour, others in part colour, others in black and white. (Great simply for browsing, inspiration, eye candy, scrapbooking, etc, etc!) 2) the instruction booklet, 6 pages, which includes: a. Instructions in English on how to produce your own magnified grid to your exact measurements. b. a key in English for all words in Italian still in the diagrams. 3) The schematic diagrams for you to draft all the models (occasional words on these are still in Italian, but all of these words are translated in the Key.) 30 pages. 4) Two PDFs that contain the pages from the illustrated booklet in best quality I’ve done this so you can, if you choose, print these in tip-top quality for display, etc. (Splitting them up into two batches keeps the file sizes manageable.) How the pattern drafting works: Basically, the drafting system works by you making a large template grid unique to your measurements. The grid is made ingeniously by simply folding a precisely measured piece of paper in various ways (so the creases form the gridlines). Then you can lay transparent paper over the top. Copy the little diagrams given using the grid as your guide this scales up the pattern to your exact measurements. It’s a fascinating idea, and fun to study, but i recommend you will need to be a fairly advanced sewer and comfortable tweaking your own pattern to achieve a good fit. There are numbered notches that should be matched, but no other information is given on how to put your fabric pieces together, how many of each piece to be cut, etc. I’d definitely recommend you make a mock-up out of muslin/inexpensive fabric before committing to that sumptuous silk you have in your stash!

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