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Pearl RearVision Back Up Camera

Pearl RearVision Back Up Camera
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Pearl RearVision Back Up Camera
This item is available for Pre-Order. Scheduled to ship by October 2016.
RearVision includes a secure Camera Frame, intelligent Car Adapter and the interactive Pearl App that installs easily and connects wirelessly.

Wireless, solar powered and featuring dual HD cameras that see great in day & night, the Camera Frame installs securely around your license plate, connecting wirelessly to the Car Adapter in your OBD port.
Two high-quality HD cameras offer visual clarity and wide-angle views – even at night. They sense objects and trigger alerts, so you’ll know when something is in your path.

The Car Adapter plugs easily into your car’s OBD port, wirelessly pairing its companion Camera Frame to the Pearl App on your phone. Through advanced image processing, it analyzes the video streams to detect obstacles in your path, providing audible alerts and sending visual alerts to your phone.
The Pearl App streams video of what’s behind your car, right to your phone.
Switch from normal to super-wide views and pan left-to-right to peek around corners.

Camera sensors, coupled with advanced image processing, detect obstacles as they enter your path, triggering visual alerts that limit surprises.
Customize your RearVision experience – in portrait or landscape. Even adjust the cameras’ angles to get your best view.
A thoughtfully-designed Phone Mount attaches to your vent or dash. Magnetically mount your phone and enjoy a hands-free RearVision viewing experience.

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