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PenSimple Herb Grinder & Dispenser

PenSimple Herb Grinder & Dispenser
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PenSimple is a revolutionary herb grinder and portable storage vault that makes your ground herbs accessible at the push of a button.
A New Experience
Simply push the button to efficiently dispense your ground herbs with zero waste, no need to open it to dispense.
The Ultimate Grinder
Unique vertical design provides a larger grind chamber, increased storage, and an improved grinding experience
Perfect On-the-Go
Secure and portable storage protects your herbs and allows you to easily transport them worry-free

Easy to Clean
PenSimple was designed with the stickiest of herbs in mind. The modular design makes the occasional cleaning a breeze.
Premium Quality
PenSimple is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and has an anodized finish; making it lightweight and durable.
Discreet Shape
PenSimple is an herb grinder breed all its own. Blending easily on desks and in bags, it rarely looks out of place.
Long Battery Life
Each PenSimple charge is good for 50-100 dispenses and it can be easily re-charged with any micro-usb cable.
Modular Design
PenSimple can adjust to be what you need when you need it, plus there are many future modifications and accessories in development.

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