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Pet Paint

Pet Paint
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PetPaint is a high quality colored fur spray that is specially formulated, dog-safe and veterinarian approved. PetPaint offers the best quality, safest alternative to dog costumes and dog clothing. With PetPaint’s veterinarian tested and approved pet paints in a variety of colors, you will have tons of options for decorating your pet for holidays and game days, or any other occasion! Please consider your dogs comfort first. With anything new it takes time for them to adjust. That paint will need some cool accessories and apparel. Check this collection, here.

To use: Just press down on the nozzle and you’re off. Please keep in mind that although dog-safe, Petpaint should not be sprayed in the eyes, mouth, on open wounds, in cuts or any other tender areas. General steps: 1) Shake can to mix PetPaint. 2) Lay your outlines. 3) Fill in color or shading. 4) Enjoy! Spray patterns can be adjusted with distance from animal. Use stencils for nice detailed edges, shapes and symbols. Use your dog’s natural color patterns to accent your design.

For brilliant color on dark animals spray white first then your final color over the white base. PetPaint requires a minimal amount of time to dry. PetPaint takes about 10-20 seconds but upwards of two minutes will ensure maximum dryness. PetPaint can be washed off with the same mild shampoo and water used when giving dogs their regular baths. PetPaint is safe for dogs but is not recommended for puppies under 6 months old. PetPaint is designed to be safe in its application on dogs which includes ingestion from chewing and licking.

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