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Plankpad: Strong Back, Core & 6-Pack Abs while Playing Games

Plankpad: Strong Back, Core & 6-Pack Abs while Playing Games
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PLANKPAD is a bodyweight trainer that offers you more than planking. You connect your mobile device (cellphone or tablet) and enjoy amazing workouts and games. By playing a game, your focus is more into the game than on counting every second. It makes you plank much longer, reaching your goals faster while the time flies by having fun.

Prevent and get rid of back pain
Get in shape
Better posture
Get a strong core
Better motor coordination
Strengthen muscles
Builds abs
Increases the body’s metabolism
Makes you burn fat
Planking is proven to be one of the most effective workouts to build a strong core, align the spine and activate many important muscles of our bodies at the same time.
Because the focus is on the core region, planking prevents and reduces lower back pain among many other injuries. You can conquer that desired six-pack and it also makes the amazing job of increasing the metabolism and burning calories while holding the plank position.

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