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Plexus Wheel

Plexus Wheel
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FOR ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS | Plexus Yoga Wheel is the perfect yoga accessory for you. Whether you are just beginning or have an extensive background in yoga The Plexus Wheel will help you extend your range of motion and unlock new poses and possibilities. Regardless of the experience you will always need some comfy yoga pants for maximum comfort.
INCREASED CORE STRENGTH | Plexus Wheel will allow you to engage your core in a new and more powerful way than ever before. You will push your core to stabilize and balance from more angles than with any other tool on the market.

IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY & RANGE OF MOTION | The Plexus Wheel takes you deeper into poses and deeper into stretches pushing your body further all while maintaining fluidity with the smooth controlled feel of a wheel.
IMPROVED BLOOD FLOW | As the Plexus Wheel takes you deeper into poses and stretches you will open up those parts of your body to higher blood flow which can help heal, grow, and maintain your body more efficiently and holistically.

HELPS WITH LOWER BACK PAIN RELIEF | Plexus Yoga Wheel is an incredible tool as a back roller to help stretch and increase blood flow to specific parts of the spine. This wheel will allow you to stretch in ways you didn’t know you could and will allow you to engage and open up your spine more fully.

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