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Plumen 003 Dimmable LED Lamp & Pendant Set

Plumen 003 Dimmable LED Lamp & Pendant Set
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The Plumen 003 lamp will light up your room with class and style, a fantastic lamp that also works as a stand-alone pendant. It emits a warm, ambient light, ideal for various rooms in your home. Consider installing in multiples for a unique design statement.

The Plumen 003 features a dazzling ornament designed by French jeweller, Marie-Laure Giroux. Her delicate design is carefully faceted onto the surface of each gold element so it looks incredibly beautiful on and off. When it’s on, the light brings the facets to life, making them sparkle like a jewel and creating that magical feel that’s lacking in most LED lamps. It works by channeling the light, reflecting and refracting it around the faceted element to tame the glare of the LED.

The bulb acts as two lights in one: a warm ambient light (equivalent to 10W / 75Lumen / 1900K) that softly lights the surrounding faces and spaces, while the down light (equivalent to 60W / 680Lumen / 2500K) brightly illuminates the surface below (see image).

What seems so fascinating about the incandescent bulb is the way the light appears to ‘burn’ in the heart of the bulb; it creates a mesmerizing effect and a stunning warm glow that beautifies everything within its reach.
This 6.5 watt LED has on average of 10,000 hours lamp life and the equivalent light output of 60 watts. The color temperature is 2400k (warm white) and the lamp is dimmable compatible with dimmers suitable for LED lamps.

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