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Pocket Tripod iPhone Stand

Pocket Tripod iPhone Stand
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This compact iPhone accessory is capable of holding your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S at any angle, in both portrait and landscape, and can fit in a wallet for ultra portability.

You can use this remarkably compact and functional stand in a number of ways. It’s perfect for making a long FaceTime or Skype call. Adjust its angle precisely to make your iPhone point at exactly what you want. Use it in flight as a stable structure to hold your iPhone while you watch a movie or a podcast. Place on a desktop or counter and have an instant tripod for taking pictures of family, events or items. No more bumps and shakes distorting your picture quality or ruining that perfect moment or special event.

This specific model is compatible with a bare iPhone 5/5S without a case or screen-protector.

If your iPhone 5/5S has a screen protector that is 0.2mm thick (thickness of 2 x sheets of paper), we recommend choosing the model compatible with screen protectors.

Is your iPhone protected by a slim case or bumper? The Pocket Tripod comes with a measurement template that let’s you know what size adapter will work perfectly with your specific device. Once we have the adapters ready, we will be able to ship you the ones that will let you use your iPhone with a case. We are currently in the process of developing these adapters.

360 degrees of precise angle adjustment.
Ultra Thin, as thick as two credit cards stacked on top.
Landscape & Portrait orientation at any angle.
Lifetime Warranty on parts agains wear or getting loose.
Models compatible with cases and bumpers coming soon.

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