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Porcelain BookLamp by Bergontwerp

Porcelain BookLamp by Bergontwerp
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Bergontwerp is a Dutch studio led by Gerard Bovenberg. It makes handmade ceramic lamps and chandeliers in the extraordinary translucent and durable ‘bone china’ or ‘ivory porcelain’. De BookLamp is a casting of a prepared, existing book that contains a lot of fine detail. A wonderful object and mood lighting that, like ordinary books, is at home in many places. For example, on the bedside table, the dresser, the side table and of course in the bookcase. The lamps are produced manually in the studio. Each casting receives its own distinct design that only becomes visible when the form is illuminated from within.

The design consists of tiny drips, drops, trapped air bubbles, pinholes and other irregularities in the cast material, which give the lights their lively character. Moreover, the finishing and the firing processes influence the final shape and surface of the lights. Therefore each light becomes unique. It comes with a handmade ‘ribbon’ cord, a 12V led light, and a 12V adapter.The product normally comes with a red ‘ribbon’ cord, but it is also available in fluor yellow, silver and blue. Please contact the Pamono team to request the cable in one of these colors or another specific colour. Note: all irregularities in the material add to the character of the lamp and are therefore part of the design. As each piece is unique, the lamp may differ slightly from the example images.

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