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PUC Wireless MIDI Connection for iOS Devices

PUC Wireless MIDI Connection for iOS Devices
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PUC – THE Wireless MIDI Interface for your iPad, iPhone, and Mac

You’ve got an iPad loaded with amazing sound and music creation apps, but relying on the touchscreen for making music leaves you a little flat. The PUC allows you to connect your favorite MIDI gear WIRELESSLY to your iPad, iPhone, and Mac – without the mousetrap of little adapters and specialty cables. Keyboards, drum pads, floor pedal controllers, mixer surfaces, even that digital home piano – any MIDI controller with a 5 pin connection can now EASILY interface with your favorite iPad and iPhone apps and Mac software over WiFi when connected to the PUC.
Free Your MIDI From The Tyranny of Wires

The PUC is a wireless MIDI interface designed specifically for the iPad and iPhone to solve the all-to-common problem of putting great music making apps under familiar tactile control. If you’ve used the wired dongle/adapter/iPad-threatening-tripping-hazard, then you know how inconvenient and risky it is to tether your iOS device while you’re making music. With the PUC your iPad stays mobile while your MIDI streams over it’s own WiFi connection with the same speed and stability as the wire.
Turn Your iPad and iPhone Into A Real Musical Instrument

Musical instruments are prized for their response to touch, and your iPad is a revolutionary device, putting the power of software into a convenient design. The PUC elegantly connects musical tactile controllers to iOS devices in the manner that you’ve always imagined it should be – WIRELESSLY. Play those GarageBand instruments with musical dynamic control from the MIDI controller your hands are already familiar with. Your iPhone can now become another piece of your music rig too – since the PUC connects via WiFi, you avoid the dreaded “unsupported device” message from some dongle connected to the 30-pin or Lightning port.
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Easy, Simple Connectivity

Using the PUC doesn’t require a degree in Computer Science. It’s as easy as connecting a MIDI cable from your controller to the PUC, selecting the PUC in your WiFi Settings, and launching the PUC Connection app. Using a Mac? Select the PUC in the WiFi browser and the PUC driver does the rest.
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Non-Keyboard Controllers for Non-Keyboardists? No problem.

You’re a guitar player and you love some of the amp and effects simulators available for iOS, but you want to put the wah effect under the control of your lead foot? Connect the PUC to the MIDI output of your floorboard controller and you’re free to channel your inner Issac Hayes. Bomp-chika-wah-wow. ..
Controller Friendly

If you’ve got a monster master MIDI controller loaded with keys, buttons, sliders, wheels, pads, and ribbons – the PUC will happily translate your MIDI into WiFi and send it to your iOS device or Mac.
Piano Lessons for the 21st Century

There’s some great beginner piano apps out there, and skills learned on real keys translate faster to a real piano. Use the PUC to connect a digital piano to your iPad beginner piano app, and Chopsticks Chopin can start their musical journey to a Beethoven symphony. (Bonus benefit – headphones make for apartment friendly practice!)
At Home In Any MIDI Enabled Rig

The PUC can help take the guesswork out of integrating great iOS apps into all kinds of music rigs. Move your sampler files into any of the great sampling apps and add that extra dimension to your performance with your favorite pad controller. MIDI equipped DJ controllers, audio mixing surfaces, even MIDI transport control – the PUC eliminates wires and keeps connections simple.

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