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Quad Shelving Unit by Nauris Kalinauskas

Quad Shelving Unit by Nauris Kalinauskas
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Whether you are looking for ways to display a collection or just to store books or records, diversity of shelf size is an essential aspect of creating a eye-catching design. If you aren’t certain that your collection has the necessary pizzazz, you might be interested in this shelving unit that commands attention even when empty, let alone when filled with your precious collectibles. With its variety of sizes and angles, this piece is a work of art even when filled with the most mundane of articles.

Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, the Quad Shelving Unit by designer Nauris Kalinauskas could work in any home. With stained plywood shelves and powder-coated metal backing, this asymmetrical shelving unit offers a new twist on display shelves, using unusual angles and dimensions to create a unique look for any collection. Individual units can be combined into one

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