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Random Bookcase by MDF Italia

Random Bookcase by MDF Italia
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Design: Neuland

A bookcase made of 6mm thick medium density wood fibreboards, in micro goffered white lacquer, and back of white melaminecoated board (thickness 10 mm). The version in goffered black lacquer has the back from black melamine-coated board. Compartments in standard sizes. The shelves are fit into the backs through concealed dovetail slots.

Possibility of large-sized configurations by flanking, also with Elevenfive wall systems.
With adjustable feet to 15 mm.
Ready for wall attachment.

For safety, units should be fixed to the wall.

Random Bookcase Dimensions:
W 81.6cm D 25cm H 216.3cm | W 32.1″ D 9.8″ H 85.2″

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