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Recon Jet HUD Smart Eyewear

Recon Jet HUD Smart Eyewear
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Recon Jet is a heads-up display for sports that unobtrusively delivers relevant information at a quick glance. The Jet features a powerful microcomputer and a full-color widescreen display designed for active outdoor use, mounted on high-performance polarized sports eyewear. The Jet comes loaded with software catering to endurance athletes such as cyclists, triathletes and runners. These sunglasses allow them to see their key performance metrics at a glance and connect to their smartphone to receive caller ID & SMS alerts on the fly.

Performance metrics always at a glance, including: distance, speed, pace, ascent/descent
Use your smart phone and Bluetooth or ANT+ sensors to retrieve even more data like heart rate, power and cadence
Crisp, high quality display equivalent to 30° screen viewed from 7 feet away; wakes up when you look down but turns off when you look away

Built in camera to capture photos and video instantly, always capturing the perfect shot
In their small frame, the Recon Jet hold a smartphone-class processor and built-in GPS with comprehensive sensors (accelerometer, altimete, magnetometer, gyroscope and barometer)
Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi and ANT+ Connectivity

Interchangable lithium-ion battery snaps on opposite the engine for weight balance
Easy to use two button rocker with optical touchpad, so interacting with Jet is a breeze on the move
More than just cool technology, the Recon Jet is true performance eyewear. Four interchangeable lens options that are complete UVA and UVB protected for maximum visual clarity

Recon Engage lets you analyze and share your data from anywhere, with a customizable dashboard with up to six activities

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