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Relaxer One Chair

Relaxer One Chair
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The Panton Relaxer Chair was originally designed in 1974 for Rosenthal Studio line and produced in Germany. Due to the relatively small numbers produced then, the Panton Relaxer chair has turned into a highly collectible object for vintage design collectors. In collaboration with the Verner Panton Estate and Matzform, NORR11 relaunched a modern variation of this iconic chair. In order to stay true to the original product, the Panton Relaxer One is available in a variation with the same colors and fabric type from the original production. if the Realxer One Chair is not available the Homall Recliner Chair is the best alternative.

39.37” L x 24.41” D x 31.50” H | Seat: 8.27 (100 cm x 62 cm x 80 cm | Seat: 21cm)
Frame: 100% Oak
Seat: 100% Wool

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