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Rememberme Chair

Rememberme Chair
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What often intends to be forgotten in wardrobes and boxes, now is brought to light again. Worn-out clothes, still kept for emotional reasons, here draw a characteristic marking on the chairs. Like a kind of message in a bottle the furniture contains memories and a sense for stories revives in us. The chairs create a conceptual frame, lead the message to a new expression and present themselves in a particular way, giving another perspective to things in general.

Rememberme chair wants to achieve more than pure functionality. Instead of being a dumb servant, it tells an individual story. Every chair is unique through its material and gets its own expression. The characteristics of the clothes thereby convert to a language. Clothes carry numerous adventures and stories. The chair transports these to a new expression.

This illustrative exposition invites the spectator to exciting stories.
The race towards the future and the desire to keep the past alive coexist in Rememberme. A chair that embodies the current focus on sustainability and recycling (Rememberme is entirely made from old jeans). Rememberme gives new life to objects which are unconscious memory capsules. The beginning of a project with infinite space for development and customization…

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