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Resonating Meditation Bench -Soothing & Relaxing Vibrations

Resonating Meditation Bench -Soothing & Relaxing Vibrations
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This meditation bench puts the near field resonating frequencies back into recordings of singing bowls and meditation audio tracks.

The majority of instruments used to aid meditation practices emit resonating vibrations to be absorbed by the body, now you can have access to a massive amount of recorded tracks and enjoy their vibrations…

Medibration is looking for funding to help us design and source a single control box to reduce internal components and a new CNC flatbed router to aid in quality assurance and streamlining of the manufacturing process.

Once achieved we will look forward to supplying our rewards in a timely fashion and directing the remainder of the funding firmly towards our website, marketing and packaging efforts to make this experience widely available to the meditating masses……

1) Big Question – What is a Resonating Meditation Platform?

A few years back I had surgery on my back and as part of the recovery process I was recommended to look in to yoga for strength, this led me on to investigate meditation, and as I got further into the practice I learned of the long running historical connection of certain types of resonating frequency vibrations, not only as an aid to reaching a state of meditation, but as a direct connection to the bodies subtle energy system itself.

For thousands of years the practice of meditation has been closely connected with specific types of sound such as: Chanting, Himalayan Bowls, Chimes, Gongs and Tuning Forks, and there is currently a very large and varied online following of high definition recordings, specifically made for aiding and guiding meditation practices.

While these audio recordings, range from live crystal bowls to digitally created, guided chakra meditation tracks and beyond, their sounds and the various frequencies are mostly enjoyed in an audio format only via head phones or small speakers. After a lot more research on the subject it became quickly apparent that the various practices of using sound during meditation, especially those around the chakra subtle energy system, actually make use of the sounds resonating vibration to “tune and balance” .

While no real “modern science” exists around this practice, its history is written in thousands historical documents that span many belief systems on a world wide scale.

I made this for Myself out of curiosity and found it helped me. So I would like to bring it to a wider audience.

Namaste 🙂

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