Riley Hexagon Hammered Copper Bathtub

Riley Hexagon Hammered Copper Bathtub
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One of the best times is when you are getting ready to take a bath. How about making your bath time more magical and luxurious? Introducing Riley Hexagon Hammered Copper Bathtub!

This product helps to intensify your bathing experience by taking it to another level with a modern yet discreet twist.

Riley Hexagon features

As mentioned in the title, this tub has a hexagonal shape and has high walls that prevent any struggle in terms of reclining(this allows me to enjoy a soothing bath!).

This tub is perfect for two. The Riley Hexagon Copper Bathtub also comes with air massage features(perfect, just perfect!).

Also, if you want to fill up the bathtub as quickly as possible, then it is recommended to pair it with its two cool faucets.

The tub is well constructed with a modern design.

There is no overflow hole, and is made up of copper, not forgetting the finishing of the product which is done by no other than Antique Copper Patina.


It has a length of 73’, Width at 63” and Height at 23-1/4”, with its tub’s interior length at 43-1/2”, width at 50” and its depth till the rim is 18-1/2”.

The product’s metal gauge/ thickness comes at 16 Gauge and a water capacity of 174 gallons.

The exterior and interior treatments are both hammered, and there is no tap deck or faucet included. The drain placement is at the center of the bathtub.

The Riley Hexagon Copper Bathtub could be a perfect addition to any homes. It combines the old with the modern which is not something you see everyday. When exiting from the tub you can step on the comfortable Genteele Bath Rug

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