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RND Time Wall Clock by Progetti

RND Time Wall Clock by Progetti
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The RND Time black clock by RND lab is one of the most unusual clocks in the Progetti collection. RND is the symbol for “random” and that is exactly what this clock offers. The numbers of the clock are individual black cubes with white numbers. The user is able to place the numbers in any position they like to create a truly unique and artistic time piece. The central cube holds the arms that are moved by a quartz mechanism and battery.

Specification :
Random cube design
Colour : Black
Dimension : 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm
Designer : RND Lab
Material : Plastic

13 cubes can be placed anywhere on a wall
One cube holds the clock arms
Powered by a high quality quartz mechanism
Battery powered (included)
Made in Italy

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