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Robosen T9 – Advanced Programmable and Convertible Robot

Robosen T9 – Advanced Programmable and Convertible Robot
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  • Artificial Intelligence – Offline VoIP with simple voice commands, owner of T9 could easily wake-up the robot from standby mode and order T9 to transform or performing a captivating dance or more cool stunts.
  • Robots and Cars – Cutting – edge advancements in a symphony of core technologies allow the T9 to automatically trans – form between robot form and vehicle forming in a stunning and seamless motion.
  • Intelligent Programming – Customizing your T9’s actions with three intuitive and easy to use programming platforms. We provide series of free online tutorials to Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced user that user at any level could easily to begin with.
  • APP – fully control your T9 through the application. Remote your T9 perform the latest customized dance, race around in vehicle form, transform between robot form and vehicle form and more stuffs easily on your smart phone.
  • ROBOSEN HUB – Join a great global creative community of robotics fans. Share your latest dance creation, view and download community’s member creation, learn coding tips and tricks, and participate in funny competitions.
  • 22 Artificial Joints- 22 high-precision servo motors allow for smooth and effortless movements. Perform realistic and complex movements with one of the most agile and flexible robots ever created.
  • 23 Proprietary chips, Automatic force feedback
  • High-speed, upright bipedal walking, Massive storage; more than enough to store tens of thousands of actions
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