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Rocking Bed

Rocking Bed
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Mothers all across the globe know how relaxing and sleep promoting the gentle sway of rocking can be. Is this gentle rocking motion only suitable for infants and young children? As it turns out, this same movement can provide numerous benefits for adults as well. What is a rocking bed and why is it beneficial for adults of all ages? We will address these important questions below.

What is a Rocking Bed?
For decades, we have recognized the power of a gentle back and forth motion in terms of balancing the limbic system and promoting restful sleep. This is why mothers all over the world naturally rock their children when they are sleepy or in distress. The calming effects of this motion have positive impacts on all systems of the body. What could be better than drifting off to sleep each night while experiencing these same relaxing movements?

Our rocking beds for adults are designed to mimic the soft rocking motion that new mothers have relied upon for centuries to calm their babies and help them drift off to a peaceful slumber. Our rocking beds are designed with simplicity and affordability in mind. In fact, you don’t even need to replace your existing mattress and bed frame. Our rocking beds consist of a sturdy tubular frame with a quiet motor attached. This frame is designed to work in concert with your existing mattress and bed frame. Once you turn the motor on, your mattress will begin to glide back and forth in a fluid, smooth motion. This simulates the age old movements still utilized in bassinets and infant cribs around the world.

How Does the Rocking Motion Improve Sleep?
Studies have proven that the gentle back and forth sway of rocking improve various systems of the body. The cardiovascular, limbic, circulatory, and immune system all benefit from this gentle and relaxing motion. Aside from the physical benefits, however, the rocking motion greatly enhances relaxation and promotes deeper sleep. Our overall health is not just affected by the number of hours of sleep we get. What’s even more important that quantity is the quality of sleep achieved. The swaying motion provided by our rocking beds allows you to sleep much deeper and go through all the vital stages of sleep so that you can wake up feeling more rested.

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