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Royal Twintails Pillow

Royal Twintails Pillow
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The Royal Twintails Pillow by Bibi Lab allows the user a wide range of positions, sometimes very unusual ones indeed!

The head cushion can be used to cover the whole face and head, while the two “pigtail bunches”-style arms mean you can snuggle up to the pillow for comfort.
Twist and wrap the two pigtail bunches around you, or just lay flat on the cushion and let its arms cup you.
The Royal Twintails can also be manipulated into a seat-and-table position or used by two people at once.
The Royal Twintails Pillow features:

Colors: black and blue covers (both included)
Spandex or velvet covers
Size: around 90 x 150 x 22cm (35.4 x 59 x 8.7″)
Weight: 3.4kg (7.5 lbs)
Materials: polyester

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