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Scoreboard Horizontal Coat Rack

Scoreboard Horizontal Coat Rack
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The Scoreboard horizontal coat rack by We Do Wood is the perfect meeting point between interior design, sustainability and functionality. This horizontal style completes the Scoreboard range of coat racks, also including a vertical and a smaller versions – all on sale online on LOVEThESIGN. The key to Scoreboard is personalisation – there are so many ways you can use it! Interact with your coat hanger by moving the pegs around, playing with colours and creating your own composition every day. Each scoreboard includes 12 pegs with painted edges and different depths: 4 x 4 cm pegs (2 white, 2 pink), 4 x 8 cm pegs (2 red, 2 steel blue) and 4 x 12 cm pegs (2 green, 2 light blue).

This unique furnishing accessory is made from moso bamboo and MDF, in full accordance with the philosophy of Swedish maker We Do Wood – making furnishing pieces that are stylish, sustainable, efficient and versatile. For instance, you can combine several Scoreboards and mix vertical and horizontal ones, in order to personalise your walls just the way you like them. By the front door, in the mudroom, in the bathroom, in the bedroom. There is no room in the house that won’t benefit from this versatile and unique coat hanger. On the sustainability side, We Do Wood only works with certified plantations, shipping bamboo directly from the Chinese plantation to the European production facilities.

This reduces carbon emission from unnecessary transportation routes. Finally the furniture is flat-packed, which minimises the use of packaging material and decreases shipping volume. The Scoreboard horizontal coat rack needs to be assembled at home and is easy to clean. Regular maintenance can be done with soap on a damp cloth. It is recommended to sand this item with grain 180 sandpaper and to finish it with 3 layers of linseed oil.

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