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SilverTech – Odorless Underwear Made with Pure Silver

SilverTech – Odorless Underwear Made with Pure Silver
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From outer space to your underwear drawer. Sustainable organic boxers, socks and t-shirts. No stink or sweat. Kills 99,9% of bacteria.

The world’s most comfortable, versatile and technologically advanced underwear. Fighting bacteria, regulating temperatures and reducing sweat.


We’ve been working with our sock manufacturer for almost a year now. We’ve made and tested dozens of prototypes and feel confident in bringing them to you. The socks you see in pictures are ready for production and we’ll start manufacturing them as soon as we are able to raise the funds for production.

Boxer briefs

Our manufacturer out of Izmir Turkey, was the first textile company in Turkey to be organic. They put great pride in working with organic materials and have an inspiring mindset for sustainability. When we first talked to them about our idea they didn’t think it was possible to bring such a complicated and expensive technology only used in space suits and military performance clothing to the greater consumer. At the end, we convinced them to believe in our vision. 1 year after we stand together with a product so great no one thought was possible to create. Help us reach our goal by backing this campaign.


Built for performance, this T-shirt will stay fresh and odorless all day. Silver fibers are permanently infused into our fabric, which keeps your shirts fresh all day for the entire lifetime of the t-shirt. The silver fiber does this by fighting the odor-causing bacteria. We’ve engineered a t-shirt fabric by knitting organic long fiber cotton with our SilverTech Performance Silver, and added a nip of elastane to give it the perfect fit and stretch. The result is a shirt that is so soft, smooth and light that it will almost feel like your second skin – naturally keeping your body dry and acclimatised.

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