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Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger & Battery Pack

Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger & Battery Pack
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Ride, charge, anywhere: The Siva Atom transforms the momentum of your ride into ready-to-use power for your electronics such as iPhone, Android Phones, GoPro , lights, GPS, Bluetooth speakers and more. The Siva Atom constantly charges your devices while you ride and you’ll have power off the bicycle with a removable backup battery. The Atom’s lithium-polymer battery pack is rated for 2-4 years of use from the manufacturer. The Atom has the ability to charge the battery pack from a standard USB port from any source (e.g. wall charger for smartphone or computer).

We don’t want to limit the use of the Atom. So in that spirit, the battery pack can be charged on the bike or on your desk, used on bike rides or hikes; it’s your choice of how to use it. The unit installs in minutes and is ready to go right out of the box, offers very low rolling resistance and holds up to the waterproofing standard of IP-4, which means that it can withstand splashing water from any direction — in plain English, the Atom will hold up to anything you can throw at it, so long as you’re not submerging it.The Atom Works with fenders (there may be a need for a small ~5mm spacer), racks, panniers and most frames. *Important Note: * The Siva Atom does not work with disc brakes, coaster brakes, laptops or hair dryers

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