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SKLZ Power Strapz

SKLZ Power Strapz
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Two straps. One system. Hundreds of exercises. The SKLZ® Power Strapz portable suspension trainer gives you the tools to strengthen your chest, back, abdominals, arms and legs. Train anytime, anywhere!

Numeric door anchor system for quick and consistent length adjustment and alignment.
Includes padded handles and padded foot/arm harnesses for maximum comfort.
Includes a carry bag and two heavy-duty independent straps for wider range of movement and exercises.

Hang Power Strapz over the top of the opened door.
Using the Numeric Door Anchors, align the length of each strap.
Ensure the handles or foot straps (whichever are being used for the exercise) are on the strong side of the door. The strong side of the door is the side that closes toward you.
Before pulling the door closed, hang WARNING CARD! on the opposite side of the door.
Pull the door closed to secure the door anchors.
Begin exercising.

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