Skooza K1 Scooter

Skooza K1 Scooter
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With many vehicles on the streets which translates into massive traffic jams(I hate traffic jams too), the only alternative into tackling this problem are scooters. And what scooter can stand up better in front of the traffic problem than the almighty Skooza K1 Scooter!

What makes Skooza K1 Scooter unique?

The uniqueness of any product lies in its quality. With just 5 hours of charge time, the Skooza K1 Scooter has a top speed of 28MPH, and has an autonomy of 40 Miles.

Also, coming with a weight of 95 Lbs, which is 43 kilograms, this scooter is a boon in every way(pretty light if you ask me!).

In the world, this Skooza K1 Scooter is the first and only self-balancing scooter built with aerospace aluminum.

Let’s discuss its features

  • Equipped with high-density Lithium cells for zero emission.
  • Superior build for sturdy and good control.
  • It is powerful because of the 1200 watt motor
  • Electronic lock mode, digital display, and RFID key card compliment.
  • It is a low maintenance machine that can be interchanged with some basic instructions.

The machine also offers 1 year warranty.

If you don’t believe me how cool this scooter is, check out this video:

This scooter is a whole package. From an environment-friendly benefit to the joy of riding, this scooter is a hero. It also belittles the problems and hassle of traffic jams whenever you go out for important meetings or maybe even for running errands. If you are not sure where your going this phone mount will hold your phone so you have a map in front of you at all times. 

The idea of simplicity, elegance, and usefulness are all found in this cool scooter.

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