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Slow Juicer Platino

Slow Juicer Platino
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The Slow Juicer Platino is the second generation of Fagor Slow Juicers which is all BPA-Free and designed in a sleek black and gun metal grey color for your modern kitchen. The Slow Juicer Platino precisely extracts the most juice from your food, preserving more of the organic vitamins and nutrients in your juice. The Platino extracts juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass and even soybeans and almonds.

The result is a more delicious, healthier glass of juice packed with everything you need to conquer the day. Slow Juicing is a process that allows you to consume more fruits and vegetables in one glass than you could eat at one time. There is no oxidation or separation, so it preserves more of the organic nutrients from the food and keeps it closer to its natural state. Fresh juice from a slow juicer is absorbed directly into the body so it receives everything you need for optimum health. The Platino extracts juice from the fruit or vegetable twice, squeezing the food without shredding or grinding it, helping you to get more juice in your glass.

The motor in the Platino juicer rotates at a maximum of 90 RPM, which outputs a minimal amount of noise compared to traditional juicers
The auger ,which is the main component of the unit, squeezes the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your juice
The Slow Juicer Platino uses only 150 watts of power
Cleaning the Platino is easy, simply pour water though the unit; When the water runs clear you can juice different foods and the flavors will not mix
Includes user’s manual, recipe booklet and cleaning brush

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