Small Gold Hoop Earrings 14K Gold Filled Hoops Gold Huggie

Small Gold Hoop Earrings 14K Gold Filled Hoops Gold Huggie
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The model is wearing: 9mm diameter Comes as a pair Recommended for those with small and thin ear lobes Available in 22 gauge (thin) or 24 gauge (thinner) wire 14k gold filled Tip The higher the number, the thinner the wire. So, 24 gauge is thinner than 22 gauge. Our jewelry is packaged in a cute box and ribbon ready for gift giving. You can also request a personal message which we hand write onto a gift tag. We try to package responsibly in an effort not to waste. Often more than one item will be placed in the same box. Please specify if you would like your items individually boxed. Quick guide for choosing between 22 gauge and 24 gauge: 22 gauge pros thicker sturdier keeps its round shape better than 24 gauge cons a bit more difficult to put in and latch with our smaller diameters of 8mm, 9mm, and 11mm 24 gauge pros easier to put in and latch minimalist and dainty appearance cons with excessive pulling and bending, hoop can lose its shape Please send us a message if you have any questions our recommendation: Individuals just like you that have purchased our mini hoops have consistently commented that it is a little more difficult putting in the smallest hoops (specifically 9mm diameter). However, once they are in, people are delighted they stay put. Many people do not take out their hoops, and wear them to sleep, work, play, exercising, showering, etc. We recently experimented with 24 gauge hoops, and the response has been extremely positive! They are easier to take in and out, and are everything people love about mini hoops: minimalistic, dainty, and lightweight. Still dont know what size to choose? Get 22 gauge if you have a more active lifestyle. Many people have reported that it is worth the extra time and effort putting in the small hoops, to then have them remain in. Also, with practice, it gets easier and easier to take hoops in and outor ask a friend to help! Get 24 gauge if you take excellent care of your jewelry. They are lovely and easy to take in and out, and are our most affordable hoops. email: Want exclusive discounts, and be the first to see our new releases? Please subscribe to our super infrequent email list by copying and pasting the url below.

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