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Smart Peak Flow™: Asthma control in your pocket

Smart Peak Flow™: Asthma control in your pocket
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Tracking & managing asthma is about to change forever with this gadget + app. We say, “Goodbye paper charts, Hello Smart Peak Flow!”
What is a **peak flow meter**? Just as diabetics check their blood sugar levels with a monitoring device, asthmatics can keep an eye on their lung function with a peak flow meter. The device measures how much air an asthmatic can force out of his/her airways, which is an objective indicator of the state of a person’s asthma.

The Smart Peak Flow device is genius (at least we like to think so!) because of its size, simplicity and technology. It has no batteries, and only one moving part: a little propeller that rotates as you blow.

The small device clicks into the audio jack of any smartphone and works seamlessly with a free app – available for iOS and Android.

Available for both iPhones and Android phones, the app will Remind, Measure, Chart and Share your peak flow data.

The biggest challenge with asthma control is how to stick with it day in, day out. To help you stick with the program and keep on top of your condition the Smart Peak Flow app will introduce a bit of fun and give you challenges and rewards.

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