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Smarter FridgeCam

Smarter FridgeCam
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FridgeCam is the world’s first wireless fridge camera that can retrofit inside any refrigerator, allowing you to see the contents from anywhere via the Smarter app.

Always see what you need – FridgeCam takes a photo every time you close your fridge door and sends it to your smartphone.

Learn and remember – Teach FridgeCam to remember your fridge items and new items can be added easily to keep updated.

Best before tracker – Keep on top of your fridge items’ expiry dates, so you’re reminded to use them up in time.

Shopping list – Add expired or used fridge items to your personal shopping list ready for your next grocery shop.

Each time the fridge door is opened, FridgeCam automatically takes a snapshot of your contents, sending it straight to your smartphone wherever you are in the world.

FridgeCam is an affordable and accessible solution, that can make you more efficient in your kitchen at the fraction of the cost of buying a brand new smart refrigerator.

An average UK household wastes £700 worth of food each year. That contributes to 7.3 million tonnes of food thrown away annually. FridgeCam’s innovative food tracking capabilities aims to help eliminate the growing problem of food waste at home.

With a growing urgency for a simple and inexpensive solution, the FridgeCam is ideally placed to be the ‘hero at the heart of the home’, minimising your food waste for forever!

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