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Snoozz Hibernation Rug Charging Station

Snoozz Hibernation Rug Charging Station
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The Snoozz hibernation rug gives any device a cozy place to rest and recharge. Features an integrated cord management so you don’t have to worry about the charging cable falling behind your desk or nightstand, even when your not charging. Whether you choose the plush faux sheepskin or the soft full-grain leather, both styles provide vibration dampening, preventing those late night notifications from waking you.

The Snoozz also features a high-friction underside to keep your phone or tablet right where you want it, whenever you want it. Designed by Zoe Blatter for Revolution Design House. What’s in the Box: One Snoozz bear in either full grain leather or faux sheepskin (shearling) and care instructions. Size & Compatibility: The Snoozz works with any cellphone, small tablet or e-reader that charges via a USB cable. With the arms and head covering a space of 5.5″ x 8.5″, it can comfortably hold any smartphone or even something as large as an iPad Mini or a Kindle Paperwhite. Materials: While developing the Snoozz hibernation rug, the utmost care was taken to select materials that feel amazing to the touch.

After all, this is a product that you will be passively interacting with every single day. It needed to be soft and durable, and to keep everything right were you want it. Full Grain Leather: Leather is a timeless natural material, so no two pieces are alike. However, each leather Snoozz is hand inspected for quality before it’s shipped. The natural suede on the underside of the leather provides the perfect surface to grip to nearly any tabletop. Faux Sheepskin: The ‘fur’ side is extra plushy and gives your phone or tablet an extra soft place to lay, while the suede underside provides nearly the same table grip as the Full Grain Leather. Made from 100% Polyester, the faux shearling can be machine washed on gentle in cold water and air dried.

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