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Soft Eyeglass Case Real Crazy Horse Leather

Soft Eyeglass Case Real Crazy Horse Leather
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This eyeglass case is absolutely handmade unique item. It is made of real crazy horse leather. The case is stitched by hand. This eyeglass case will be a perfect gift! It is very minimalistic and stylish. The product is made of crazy horse leather. It has unique antique and vintage appearance. One of the great features of the most loved crazy horse leather is that it is an eternal antique and vintage look that is displayed almost immediately after use. A simple scratch or rub turns the leather fibers to a different shade, a slight bend and the entire bend line fades to a different shade as well, and still this type of leather is as durable as any other high quality leather. Each glasses case is handmade from Crazy horse leather and hand stitched. Each one is unique, may have some imperfections. Only through the daily use or friction for a period of time will allow the shade change reverse back. Through the wear, natural leather will be covered with these scratches. These rubbing or scratched areas reflect the vintage appearance

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