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Softcrete Modular Sofa

Softcrete Modular Sofa
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Designed by Ross Lovegrove for Gufram, Softcrete is a modular sofa made in expanded polyurethane with Guflac finish.

Softcrete is a modular sofa by the modern and original design. Made in polyurethane foam, it creates a beautiful contrast in fact at first look this might seem a sofa made in concrete, edgy and hard. The designer Ross Lovegrove with the brand Gufram transforms the materials until they become comfortable and convenient, of course, is the polyurethane foam which are made all the pieces of this magnificent modular sofa to make this possible. Consisting of several pieces all to dial in infinite combinations, create your own unique and inimitable Softcrete sofa.

(1) Softcrete Angular L. 70 cm – P. 70 cm – H. 70 cm
(2) Softcrete Central L. 70 cm – P. 70 cm – H. 70 cm
(1) Softcrete Chaise Lounge L. 140 cm – P. 70 cm – H. 70 cm

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