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Sony LED Bulb Speaker

Sony LED Bulb Speaker
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◆ new experience light bulb becomes speaker Dining and living room, just to replace the bulb and LSPX-100E26J of lighting fixtures, such as the bedroom, such as troublesome wiring you can enjoy, such as without the need music. The miniaturized to the size equivalent to a normal LED bulbs, and by employing a simple body design, also penetration naturally interior of the room. If used as a ceiling lighting, music pours from the top along with the light, you can enjoy a new sensation.

◆ with warm light in no place ever, LED light bulb to achieve the optimal music experience Such as kitchen and washroom, and then realized the music experience in a place where the speaker was difficult to set up so far. In addition, since a warm light of the light bulb color, it can be used as a lighting of gentle brightness that you can relax. To Android / iOS applications “SongPal (TM) (Songuparu)”, equalizer, which is preset by type of lighting equipment is mounted, it is possible according to the the mounted instrument, is adjusted to the optimum sound quality.

◆ simple design to realize the experience that blend into the living We have adopted a simple design that the white was keynote to fit in a variety of lighting fixtures. Speakers and by arranged at the distal end of the body, intuitively together convey the “goodness of the sound (that is a speaker),” to employ a transparent optical lens gloves. It is a design that is stuck to the “functional” and “structure” for emitting light efficiently.

★ accessories: LED bulb speaker accessories: remote control × 1, lithium battery for the remote control (CR2032, the remote control to pre-installed, × 1 for the trial) ※ Bluetooth (R) requires compatible devices

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