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Space Rails Flying RC Car Quadcopter Drone

Space Rails Flying RC Car Quadcopter Drone
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Dominate Land and Sky with the SpaceRails RC Quadcopter Flying Car! This is unlike any other RC on the market. Finally you have the ability to not only drive your RC, but also instantly take off into mid air and pilot through the skies! The Flying Car works on ground like any other RC car by turning left/right and forward/reverse, but now the option to engage the quadcopter propellers and lift off into the sky! The Six-axis gyroscope allows for Exceptional Control for Indoor and Outdoor Flying & Hovering in windy and calm conditions.

LED lighted bottomside makes for easier piloting during darker light conditions. Equipped with a 3.7 volt rechargable Lithium Battery for time and time again of piloting through the skies. This quadcopter is not a toy and should only be piloted by persons over the age of 14 with previous RC flying experience with drones, helicopters or planes. Please read included instruction manual before operating

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