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Specdrums by Sphero

Specdrums by Sphero
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Specdrums® are app-enabled rings that turn colors into music with a simple tap. Create music anytime, anywhere and make the world your instrument.

Choose 1 ring or expand your play experience with a 2 ring set to play with friends, switch it up using 2 hands, and enjoy more versatility.

Built with sleek technology including an accelerometer, light sensor, LEDs, and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, Specdrums rings provide an accessible, portable, and tactile way to discover music creation.

Connect to the Specdrums MIX app and tap on anything – your clothes, drawings, or the included playing pad – to create and mix any sounds, beats, and loops that all play through your mobile device. Jam on your own or with friends, anytime and anywhere.

Specdrums Music is the app for fully customizing Specdrums Rings as one of the simplest, most versatile instruments to be used in the classroom, studio, or on the go. Assign any notes, chords, and samples to any color and save your combinations. All skill levels, from curious-minded kids to seasoned musicians, can create their own masterpieces with hundreds of instruments, drum kits, and other sounds.

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