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Spider-Man Kite

Spider-Man Kite
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In earlier 2000 years of ancient China,Kite was invented as a a toy.Traditional Kite is made by paper or silk paste on bamboo strips,by pulling lines bundle up in the kite,it flies into the sky by winds.
Nowadays the Kite is made of Rugged lightweight material ,big but it is easy to fly, and easy to put back in the original package.
Bright color and creative shape would attract lots of attention for you.
If you are preparing for summer beach vacation, you will never be regret to take a kite.
This game does not need to much plan, and your whole family can take part in.

Width: 35″
Length: 53″
a Must Have game for kids
Tips:If the winds is too strong , don’t pull the line hard , it will be disconnected.

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