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AT-ST Articulating Video Stand for iPhone

AT-ST Articulating Video Stand for iPhone
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Hands-Free Versatility to Make Your Own Teaching Videos

The AT-ST Articulating Video Stand delivers rock-solid stability and hands-free convenience for your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. Articulating Video Stand is a fully poseable tabletop stand with a multi-jointed swing-arm. This means you can position your device at any height, angle, or orientation. You’ll have none of the blur and poor framing of handheld video, and you can align your device parallel to the table to capture documents and objects in close-up without camera shake. The stand is perfect to make videos for blogging, e-learning, tutorials, and so much more.
The Superior Alternative to Handheld

Holding your phone for videos and photos comes with predictable shakiness, blur, and poor framing. Plus, you only have one hand free. Standard stands keep your device stuck at one angle and height, while tripod stands can’t angle downward for objects on the table. Only Articulating Video Stand offers hands-free, multi-height, and multi-angle camera placement for all of your projects.
Ideal for Live Demonstrations and Tutorials of All Kinds

Articulating Video Stand allows you to position your camera right where you need it — even parallel to the table at a downward angle — all with a simple hand adjustment and without screws or knobs. Whether it’s showing off your fine art skill or working out math equations, you’re free to make a range of videos that would not have been possible without Articulating Video Stand.
Unlock the Full Video Capture Potential of iPhone’s Camera

iPhone has a great HD camera that performs well even at close range or in low-light conditions, and there are countless apps to add special effects and other video enhancements. But these don’t mean a thing if the subject is blurry or badly framed. Take advantage of iPhone’s camera and all of its apps with the Articulating Video Stand.

With complete stability and expert camera placement, you can create serious videos for work, your blog, or as a hobby. Shoot tutorials, demonstrations, presentations, and e-learning material that will impress your audience without the distracting camera issues.
Intuitive, Smart Design for Maximum Impact

The multi-jointed swing-arm is just one of Articulating Video Stand’s thoughtful design features. A 2.1-lb weighted base provides stability and complete protection from tip-overs, even at full extension.
Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Document Camera

With the IPEVO Presenter app installed, your iPhone or iPod Touch’s camera combines with Articulating Video Stand to become a document camera. Share documents, artwork, annotation, and 3D objects in the classroom, home, or office. You’ll have most everything you need to present material: orientation rotate and lock, two focus modes, live image pause, and many other handy features. You can even hook your iPhone directly to a projector with a VGA adapter (not included) to project live images for the whole room to view.

Capture Stop-Motion and Time-Lapse Videos with Ease

Whether it’s stop-motion films in art class or time-lapse experiments in science class, Articulating Video Stand is the iPhone’s perfect partner. As educators who have shot these types of videos can tell you, stability of the camera is essential for successful stop-motion and time-lapse photography. Handheld camera work just won’t do, and other stands simply don’t have enough versatility. Place your camera at exactly the right position and angle — and keep it there — with Articulating Video Stand. It’s great for witnessing plant growth, understanding how a spider weaves its web, watching chicken eggs mature, and a whole lot more.
Easy In, Easy Out, and Fully Secure

A unique, spring-loaded grip makes equipping your device — and taking it out — quick and easy. Two soft rubber inserts inside the grip protect your iPhone or iPod while mounted. And a cord clip allows you to charge your mounted device while keeping the charge cord managed and out of the way.
An Essential Tool for Teachers, Bloggers, and More

Innovators in education, business, and social media will find plenty of reasons to choose Articulating Video Stand for their video and photo capture needs. Educators can share live teaching materials as well as archive recorded video of lectures and demonstrations. Bloggers can instantly record or stream videos of themselves without poor angles and camera shaking issues. And anyone else who has a passion for sharing their hobby, music, business, or art will find a ready companion in Articulating Video Stand.

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