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Stack Smart Lightbulb

Stack Smart Lightbulb
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Stack lights automatically adjust to the rhythm of your life and home. Using the power of sensors and natural light to maximize energy savings, they sense when you enter the room to turn on when you’re there and off when you’re not. Stack lights also keep you feeling your best by mimicking sunlight throughout the day in tune with your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Fully controllable from the Stack app, the lights also learn from your preferences over time.

Stack lights automatically respond to your presence – on when you’re there and off when you’re not
Using ambient light sensors, stack lights automatically dim with sunlight, saving money and energy
This single BR30 bulb fits in most common recessed can fixtures
Stack lights support circadian wellness with automatic color temperature shifting from 2700k – 6500k
Stack lights integrate with smart home platforms like nest

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Check price on Amazon.com

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