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R2D2 Desktop Trash Can

R2D2 Desktop Trash Can
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Desktop multi box of R2-D2 type of 25 cm in height. Put trash, accessory case, applications penholder, vase, tumbler and variety.

Of course mini size cute 25 centimeters cute younger brother can use in desktop-explanatory, Colossal of height 60cm to “R2-D2 trash can” no longer, and reliable and would be close to opening the head with the pedal of foot as well as brother I’m a guy. The size is appropriate, not only as a waste basket to set on top of the desk, and throw and tissue of used and waste paper, and also, as a pen stand put the writing instrument planter decorate the plants such as flowers, such as pens and pencils 1 liter 464 g Contents 13 cm Weight length 25 centimeters of 16.7 cm depth, which can also be used as a tumbler.

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