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Steelix Nylon

Steelix Nylon
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Where classic design meets rugged charm – its Steelix Nylon Watch by Momentum

Watches have always served beyond their intended purpose of just time keeping! Some even believe it to be the ultimate accessory – to that, we agree! But as we have accepted modernisation and evolved, so have the watches: be in terms of the movements within, or the purpose they’re serving.

Today, watches come in all shapes and size, for all types of applications: sports, luxury, fashion… the list goes on. With so many options and purposes, how does one choose what is right for him? Especially when it comes to choosing a rugged sports watch for daily use? Fret not, because Steelix Nylon Watch by Momentum is here!

We created this ultratough field watch to provide all our fans with a timepiece that has solid construction, impressive workmanship and a classic timeless design, all at a budget-friendly price! Packed with a whole bunch of features, this watch is an absolute power-house. Here are a few reasons why this watch is worthy of your wrists?

● To ensure strong characteristics, all Steelix Nylon Adventure watches are machined from a block of solid stainless steel.
● The watch also comes with a tough and versatile 22MM Web Nylon Band, which is our own version of the “Nato” band style.
● The watch also houses a 44mm stainless steel open dial with a ‘three day’ date window and comes waterproof-tested up to 200M/ 660FT.

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