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StickR TrackR GPS Smart Chip

StickR TrackR GPS Smart Chip
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TrackR helps you find important items that go missing.

The TrackR app monitors the location of your items and remembers where your belongings are located on a map. With TrackR’s technology, you can find your Phone or TrackR with the simple press of a button.

You can also choose to be alerted if you are about to leave something important behind.

StickR TrackR is a tiny, coin-sized device that can attach to your keys, stick on a laptop, or remote control. Its tiny form factor has been designed to last up to 1 year, so you need not think about recharging.

The TrackR device wirelessly connects to the TrackR app on your iPhone or Android. It’s the only technology that enables users to not only monitor the location of their items but also the phone using unique two-way tracking.

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