Stormzy Weather Predictor

Stormzy Weather Predictor
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First things first – those stuffy meteorologists are getting way too big for their boots. With Glastonbury just around the corner, it’s time you took matters into your own hands, with our brand new Stormzy Weather Predictor. Will we get the hottest weather since (#Merky) records began or will it be nothing but grimy skies? No need to bun out your clart, just have a look inside Stormzy’s head. Try to ignore all the fire bars whizzing about and focus on the little crystals that react to the impending weather, alerting you to Cold fronts or stormzy clouds on the horizon. Finally you too can have your very own bar-spitting barometer in the form of this stunning glass bust. You’ll never be blinded by the grace of a surprise snowstorm ever again!

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