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Story Wear – know what you wear

Story Wear – know what you wear
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It’s more than a shirt. It’s a story you can tell. So go out, share some interesting information, and connect with people.

The product bundle

I need your support in this campaign to create an amazing product.

The product includes a T-shirt, a poster, and a booklet; combining wearables with information products. The main goal is to give every customer the opportunity to share knowledge on a daily basis by simply wearing a T-shirt that starts a fascinating conversation.

The first product version contains a Chinese Character and a nice description of how to impress other people with in-depth knowledge about the logic of this increasingly important language.

This bundle is ready to launch in German and can easily be translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

The booklet

The booklet is the only language specific part of the product and contains information to stimulate small talk.

T-shirt and poster

Additionally, both the T-shirt and the poster are specially designed to focus attention on the topic you want to talk about. The poster can also be used for jotting down your own ideas.

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