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Stylo Turntable

Stylo Turntable
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Break the mould of your typical, boring audio devices and go with the GPO Stylo turntable! Vintage charm is timeless, especially when it flaunts a renewed and functional design. No antiquated and cumbersome method of amplification, but rather stereo speakers, built-in amplifiers and AUX output to listen to your favourite records with headphones.

You can move it around from one room to the next with ease, as it’s lightweight and not bulky, weighing just a little more than 2 kg. These turntables will also grab your attention with their LED lights marking the volume as well as their simple and intuitive controls. GPO gives you the an easy way to play your favourite jazz music through a truly unique experience, all the while getting the most out of your audio.

If you’re still not convinced that this is the turntable for you, get a load of this: It’s got three speeds (33, 45 and 78 RPM), meaning you can play today’s vinyl from 12 to 7 inches, as well as the fabulous shellac and acetate records that work at 78 RPM. Finally, a way to clear the dust off of old records stashed away in the attic. Advice for your dusty LPs: use a roller or brush suitable for removing dust in the furrows and never store them stacked one on another! Another interesting feature of the GPO Stylo Turntable is in the arms: the “Ruby” model can move both left and right, providing a wide range that allows for quick and easy maintenance.

Accidental noises are minimized thanks to the belt that, unlike direct traction models, has a motor that’s far away from the arm: turntables with this type of traction turn out to be the most silent ones on the market. For an even cleaner sound, it’s up to you to keep the turntables away from any vibration, which is something that can be achieved simply by placing a cloth underneath it.

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