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Tall Black Oak Wooden Bowl by Menu

Tall Black Oak Wooden Bowl by Menu
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The starting point of this design was a curious exploration of the wood material. How thin could it be made without cracking? How would the contrast between the thin shell and the base be? Norwegian designers Jonas Ravlo Stokke and ystein Austad experimented with different types of wood, shapes and proportions to get the perfect match – and at the end, Wooden Bowl was born.

The design consists of two parts the fine bowl on top and the hollow base in the bottom. You can use Wooden Bowl to store various small items or leave it empty and enjoy the strong sculptural shape and the beautiful ash wood that is stained such that the wood grain is still visible.

Originally designed for the Norwegian “Prototypes” exhibition, and now put into production by Menu. StokkeAustad’s bowls can also be viewed at the cool Oslo hotel “The Thief”, where each room has a bowl of its own.

Designer: StokkeAustad (NO)
Dimensions: 5.1″w x 6.9″h
Materials: Oak Wood
Black Oak

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