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TamTam 5 Shade Pendant

TamTam 5 Shade Pendant
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The archetypal lampshade has been given new definition in the Tam Tam pendant by Marset. The way the various light sources are combined gives the piece a geometry which makes one feel as if there truly can be organization in chaos. The central shade is made of lacquered aluminum with 3 or 5 satellite shades that can be rotated nearly 360 degrees.

This allows the light to be pointed in various directions and the opalescent, methacrylate diffusers on the open ends softens the light. The central shade is available in black or white and the satellite shades can be any combination of black, white, orange, brown, green or sand. This makes the Tam Tam completely customizable to meet your creative needs. The 3 suspension cables allow for the central shade to mounted at an angle making the Tam Tam even mire versatile. Comes with black electrical cord, suspension cable and a ceilin.

Design Country: Spain
Material: Lacquered aluminum, methacrylate diffusers
Tam Tam 3: 40.1″ L x 33.5″ W x 13.6″ H | 11.5′ adjustable cable drop
Tam Tam 5: 40.1″ L x 41.1″ W x 13.6″ H | 11.5′ adjustable cable drop
Tam Tam 3: 9x E26 CFL TYPE T 18W or 9x E26 TYPE A 60W
Tam Tam 5: 13x E26 CFL TYPE T 18W or 13x E26 TYPE A 60W
Black electrical cord
4.3: diameter ceiling canopy

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